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Christy Kelly exemplifies unwavering dedication and accomplishment in her commitment to the well-being of her community. As a wife and devoted mother of three girls, she recognizes the paramount importance of creating a transparent and thriving environment for families. Her academic achievements, including a Juris Doctorate and a Masters of Laws in Dispute Resolution, underscore her deep passion for conflict resolution and upholding principles of fairness. Christy's legal expertise grants her a unique ability to meticulously dissect complex policies and analyze legal precedents. Above all, she stands resolute in her commitment to upholding the Arizona Constitution, ensuring that the rights and interests of the state's residents are protected.


Notably, Christy is not only a thriving entrepreneur but also the driving force behind a mediation business. Her extensive experience in mediation has finely honed her skills in conflict resolution, negotiation, and nurturing open dialogue. She firmly believes that these skills are indispensable in achieving her goals on the Corporation Commission. Christy's philanthropic contributions and leadership within her community consistently reflect her dedication to giving back. If elected to serve on the Corporation Commission, her primary objectives will include maintaining affordable utility rates, safeguarding the interests of Arizonans, combating unsound regulations, pushing back against ESG and Green New Deal policies and upholding the Arizona Constitution.


Leveraging her legal and mediation expertise, Christy aims to enhance the Commission's transparency, ensuring it remains accessible to the people and fostering constructive engagement, informed decision-making, and a stronger, more accountable community. Christy Kelly's drive is rooted in her profound commitment to forging a better future for Arizona's generations to come. As our state grapples with unprecedented growth, she firmly believes that her core values—family, faith, freedom, and prioritizing America, with a special focus on her cherished Arizona—will guide her in making impactful decisions. It's essential to note that Christy is not a career politician or a political insider. Her deep ties to Arizona include her oldest daughter was a graduate of the first class at Cesar Chavez High School in 2011.


Christy's motivation doesn't stem from personal gain but from unwavering patriotism and her deep love for God, her community, and Arizona. As she witnesses the state's explosive growth firsthand, she is steadfast in her commitment to ensuring that Arizona's future remains radiant, vibrant, and prosperous. If elected to serve on the Corporation Commission, she will bring this dedication to bear, always placing the best interests of Arizona and its people at the forefront of her decisions.


Rate Advocate: Reject all mandates, including ESG, the Green New Deal, and oppose the push for net zero.


Free Market Principles: Promote competition in the market, with the belief that it can lead to better services and lower prices for consumers. 


Fiscal Responsibility: Emphasize the importance of fiscal responsibility in utility rate setting to ensure that consumers are not overburdened by utility costs, and promoting the financial stability of utility services.


Energy Independence:  Support policies that aim to achieve energy independence, with a focus on traditional energy sources like natural gas, coal and nuclear. 


Renewable Energy: Taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for charging stations and mandates.


Business-Friendly Environment: Foster a regulatory environment that is conducive to business growth and investment.


Consumer Protection: Ensure that utility practices are fair and transparent, protecting consumers from unfair practices while balancing this with the needs of the business community.


Water Rights and Management: In a state like Arizona, where water scarcity is a significant issue, policies regarding water rights and management are crucial, focusing on efficient and sustainable use of water resources.

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